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scene:  Living Room - Kitchen
Cooking in is easy as the kitchen is fully equipped with major appliances and minor necessities. (ie: microwave, coffee pot, griddle, pots and pans, plastics, toaster, blender, spice rack, plenty of plates, bowls, serving and mixing bowls). Linens and towels are available at an additional cost. You will need to only take your personal items. There are rocking chairs on our private deck to watch the waves or children at the pool. Email me with your requested reservations dates at
Property Information
A Guppy Getaway
918 No. New River Dr Unit 224
Surf City, NC 28411

800 Sq. Ft.
1 Bedrooms
1 Full Bath
1 Half Bath
A Guppy Getaway
Office: (910) 540-5528
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